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A to Z Box Alphabet Labels and Images


Use these alphabet labels as mats to alphabetize the objects in your alphabet box or use the included images

Make an A to Z box to learn the alphabet letters and sounds!  As kids hold each item (for each letter or sound), they have a physical and sensory (in come cases!) experience to help solidify the letter sounds and names.

First (pages 4-5) are 2-inch square letters for using as labels. Then follows (pages 6-10) 4-inch square letter labels. Use the size that is appropriate for your needs. If you desire, you can use these labels for boxes/canisters. Or, use them as mats for students to alphabetize the items from the boxes.

Following the alphabet labels are images for each letter of the alphabet, which includes up to 4 images (u-z have 2-3) for each letter. These include sample images for the most common sounds. For example, there is a giraffe and a goat, an octopus and an ornament.

(Please note that no physical items are included in this all digital product!)

See more information about setting up your A to Z box on my blog post.


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