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1000 Books Tracking Sheet, Color (Animals and Quotes)


Track reading 1000 before kindergarten in style with this colorful, kid-friendly set of lined pages.

Literacy experts suggest that reading aloud to your young children makes a profound impact on their later learning. The 1000 Books project challenges parents and children to read 1000 Books together before the child is Kindergarten age.

Included is a colorful cover, an information page (for adults), and 47 lined pages providing a numbered list from 1 to 1000 for tracking book titles and dates read. The headers provide colorful and cheerful animals, children and books, and there are inspiring quotes about reading throughout. At the end, there is a certificate of completion to fill out for each of your children who finishes the challenge!

When you and your child read a book together, write it down to remember. Once you get to 1000 books, celebrate! I hope you have a great time reading together.

Nothing could be better than reading with your child!

*Please note: Purchasing this product grants you a license for one parent, one teacher, or one classroom’s use only! Price below assumes it will be used as such. For larger groups or library use, contact me with questions about an extended licence.

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