Playing Preschool: Gross Motor Skills Preschool Prepositions Game

My daughter has always loved to play games for learning prepositions when we read The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree. In the past, we played a “Do you dare?” preposition game years ago!  When we then also read Inside, Outside, Upside Down by the same authors, I just had to add on to our “Great Sleeping Bear” game! We called our preschool prepositions game the “Inside, Outside,  Great Sleeping Bear” game, and we practice some additional prepositions. We have found great learning lessons in the most basic of picture books!Prepositions are so much fun! Just like the bears in some favorite books, we like to go inside, outside, over, through and around!

Picture Books

Before we played, of course we reread The Spooky Old Tree. In this classic favorite, three little bears visit a spooky tree. They go up stairs, through a hall, around other things, and over a great sleeping bear. When we played our game before, my toddler daughter’s favorite part was climbing over a great sleeping bear (me!). This was also her favorite part of our preposition game as a preschooler.

To add in more fun, we then read Inside, Outside, Upside Down and we found a box for climbing in. In this book, Brother Bear, climbs inside a box, which is then turned upside down, put on a truck, and driven away.

Preschool Play Time

Adding Inside, Outside, Upside Down to our preposition reading meant that we needed to add a big box to our preposition game! We also added a chair and a stool, since we can’t really climb “creaky old stairs” or go around or through a “spooky old tree” while in our basement!

The box was lots of fun. Could we go through it? Strawberry required that I get into the game so she could take my picture!

While playing our preposition game, of course I had to go THROUGH the box. It's not as easy as it looked! LOL!

For Strawberry, the most fun was still trying to climb over a “great sleeping bear” (i.e., mother or big brother)! That often ended in the bear waking up and a chase beginning!

Our prepositions game is a lot of fun. It is a game that does not have winners or losers. Instead, it has people having fun as they unintentionally learn prepositions. Picture Book Preschool Lessons at their finest!

For my daughter, any school time needs to be completely hands on! We read two books with lots of prepositions in them. Then we challenged each other to complete "difficult" tasks like those in the book had to do!She is learning about prepositions without even realizing it.

This would be a very simple preschool prepositions game to make yourself, based on whatever items you have in your home or classroom. If you’d prefer, I’ve put together the game cards for you to buy to have them all in one place!

Get the Prepositions Game in my Shop or in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

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10 Days of Picture Book Preschool Lessons

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