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Preschool Learning Articles

Below are the posts that are specifically about teaching and playing with kids from birth through preschool, including ideas for learning, playing, reading, and imagining. Click the image or title to visit the post. If you’d like to browse through these articles, visit the Preschool category

Easy Adding and Subtracting Ten Frames with Cookies
Zoo Flakes: Symmetrical STEAM Snowflake Craft
Personalized Angel Kids Craft
Creating Memorable Summer Adventures with a Fun Summer Activities Passport for Kids
Vehicle Town Busy Bag
Refreshing Coral Reef Games for the Pool
Make An Alphabet Box to Learn and Practice the ABCs
“Froggy Gets Dressed” Busy Box
Learning about the First Thanksgiving Story with Printable Puppets
Upcycled Toddler Activity: Feed the ABC Monster
Top Gifts for Imagination Play
ABC Letter Tiles for Alphabet Recognition Practice
Conserving Trees and Recycling Paper: A Picture Book Lesson
Amazing Snowflake Videos
Best Books About Snow Days
The Best Poetry Anthologies for Children
Woodland Animals and Temperate Forests Habitats Unit Study
Dogs in Space Mini-Rockets: Picture Book Space STEM
Wildlife Watching: Book-Inspired Citizen Science Project
Favorite Christmas Picture Books
Marshmallow Counting and Adding
Monster Postcard Templates and Cardboard Mailbox Center
Top 10 Moon Picture Books and Educational Activities
26+ Favorite ABC Books
Learning Games to Play with Your Toddler
ABC Matching Game Clothes Line
Summer Fun: Mud Painting
Hands-On Learning Ideas for the Coral Reef
Are You My Mother? Mother-Baby Matching Activities
Shoes Color Matching Game Freebie
Activity Ideas for a Toddler Rainbow Busy Box
Balancing like The Cat in the Hat: A Mini-Lesson on the Center of Gravity
Pancakes PreK and Elementary Learning Fun
Counting with Gold Coins
Fine Motor and Literacy Stickers Activity
Free Valentine’s Day Preschool Counting Cards Printable
Count to 100 with a Paper Clip 100 Train Activity
“The Friendly Beasts” Nativity Sensory Activity
A Christmas Gross Motor Skills Number Recognition Activity
Playing Preschool: Gross Motor Skills Preschool Prepositions Game
Easy Skeleton Hiccups Activity with a Q-Tip Skeleton Craft
Apple Busy Box Activities from Toddler to Kindergarten
Super Easy No Sew Felt Corn
Math Manipulatives: Rainbow Counter Color and Size Sorting
“I Spy” Busy Box
Preschool Activities from A to Z
Footprints on the Moon Sensory Play
Pool Noodle Covered Wagon
Making Princess Jewelry from Aluminum Foil
Summertime Outside Ice Play
Favorite Characters’ Habitats Imagination Play
Frog Hopping Measurement Activity
Good Night Gorilla Tip-Toe Gross Motor Activity
Digital Task Cards: What is Boom Learning℠?
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb Drumming Rhythm Activity
Backyard Circus
Easy Lessons in Literacy Around the Home
Easy Early Lessons for Learning Literacy in the Car
Whole Body Butterfly Life Cycle
Alligator Fine Motor Skills Play and Math Activity
Dusty Rhyming: A Picture Book-Inspired Game
Princess Preschool STEAM: Designing a Castle
Toddler and Preschool Hands-On Alphabet Learning Activities
How to Homeschool an Active Preschooler
Picture Book-Inspired Scratch Board Art Project
Princess School: The Rapunzel Engineering Challenge
A Spring-Time Kindness Picture Book Lesson from Rosie Sprout’s Time to Shine
Writing in the Snow Picture Book Lesson
The Snowy Day Melting Snow Science Experiment
100+ Preschool Picture Book Lessons and Activities
An Alphabet of People in the Community
Vegetables Learning Activities
Hands-On and Interactive Community Helpers Activities
Encouraging Independent Quiet Time for a Preschooler
Ideas for Using Picture Books to Teach
Gingerbread Man Hide and Seek
Chocolate Painting with I’m a Hungry Dinosaur
Gross Motor Moon Phases Lesson
Creating Animals with Hearts: Picture Book Preschool
How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World Activities
Learning about Color Mixing with the Color Kittens
A Simple Continents Preschool Lesson to Introduce the World
Our Favorite Hermit Crab Preschool Imagination Game
Name Recognition with Dominoes
Instruments Busy Bag
Small Eraser Sort with Tweezers Fine Motor Activity
Color Mixing Fine Motor Activity
Indoor Excavation Activity
Human Body and Nutrition Activities
Leaf Rubbings
Uppercase-Lowercase ABC Recognition Practice with an ABC Sticker Tree
Understanding Number Concepts with Plastic Eggs
Quill Painting to Learn about Then and Now
Why I Don’t Care about Preschool Academics
Learn with Play: Book and eBook
Farmyard Sticker Stories Fun
Beads and Pipe Cleaner Play
Fine Motor Skills Learning with Sticker Books
Make Your Own Book: Lift-the-Flap Spring Colors
Egg Carton ABC Penny Drop (Workbox Wednesday)
Ducks Workbox
Toddler Busy Box Organization (Workbox Wednesday)
ABC Peg People Busy Bag
Numbers Busy Box
ABCs Busy Box Ideas
Shapes Workbox

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