Preschool Activities from A to Z

I don’t do a letter of the day or letter of the week program with my preschool, but so many people like to focus their learning themes around letters of the alphabet. Here are some of the fun alphabet activities and crafts we have done (and plan to do) here on Line upon Line Learning. More will come, as my youngest is now a toddler and soon to be a preschooler. I expect we’ll be doing preschool alphabet activities and alphabet crafts for a long time yet to come!

We love to learn and play through the alphabet preschool activities. Here they are from A to Z

A is for Angel and Apples and Alligators

A is for Alligator. Use tongs or tweezers as the alligator's mouths and feed them!

B is for Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Butterflies

Use a party blower as a proboscis in this whole body butterfly life cycle gross motor imagination game.

C is for Chocolate Painting, a Circus. and Clouds

Our backyard circus let us have outside imaginative fun while still getting exercise and enjoying moving our bodies!

D is for Ducks, Drums, and and Dinosaurs

We were inspired to make our own drumming rhythms in our simple rhythm activity the other day.

E is for Eyes and Eggs

Practice early reading in a double gross motor egg hunt. (Search for eggs, and act out the words found inside!)

F is for Frog  Hopping, Frog Color Matching, and Footprints

In our picture book-inspired frog hopping measurement activity, we predicted and tested how far we could get our plastic frogs to hop. One went 80 inches!

G is for Good Night Gorilla and Giraffes

 After reading Good Night Gorilla, we practiced our stealth skills in a tip toe gross motor quiet activity.

H is for Habitats and Hibernation

Our mini-lesson on our favorite characters habitats was made all the more interesting when Ariel's habitat collided with Nemo and Dory's habitat!

I is for Ice, Instruments, and Ice Cream

Making a tower of ice is not as simple as it looks! My preschooler wanted to be the ice Queen, but without much luck. Nevertheless, outside ice play was a simple and quick activity that kept the attention of my toddler and my preschooler on a hot summer's day.My daughter loves to make music! We read Zin! Zin! A Violin and learned about instruments. Then she matched the model instruments to the picture cards.

J is for Jewelry and Jumping

Twist aluminum foil in skinny strips to make princess jewelry.

K is for Kazoo, Kaleidoscope, and Kite

L is for Library and Llama

M is for Moon, Music, and Marshmallows

Our moon surface was just a tray of flour, but stepping and making our own moon footprints was a fun sensory play related to our lessons on the moon.Marshmallow counting. When she did not know the number, she could move the marshmallows to the ten frame to figure out how many were in each cup of cocoa. Free printable on this post. -Line upon Line Learning blog

N is for Nest and Nails

O is for Ocean and Opposites

P is for Puppets, Popcorn, and Penguins

Q is for Quill Painting and Quilts

Quill Painting

R is for Rainbows and Restaurants

S is for Sewing

T is for a (Lemonade) Tea Party and Tacos

U is for Unicorns and Underground

V is for Vegetables and Valentine’s Day

Learning about vegetables can be fun.Practice one-to-one correspondence with Valentine's Day themed mats.

W is for Water Color Mixing, Wands, and Watermelons

X is for eXcavating, Xylophone, and X-rays

This easy indoor excavation activity will have kids digging for familiar items in a bowl of rice. --Line upon Line Learning blog

Y is for Yo-Yo’s

Z is for Zoo

Want More Toddler and Preschool Hands-On Alphabet Learning Activities?

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Check out this list of preschool activities and crafts from a to z!


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