Pioneer Week: Covered Wagons Craft at Life Over C’s

Today I get to share a fun pioneer covered wagon craft at my friend Kim’s blog!

When I think of Life Over C’s, I think of hands-on learning. I decided we’d share how we made a covered wagon with her readers. Click over to see how I put together the milk carton covered wagon.Raisin and I also stocked the wagon full of things to represent what the pioneers would have packed in their covered wagons. Here’s what is in our wagon.

  • a pill (to represent medicine)
  • a box of raisins (to represent food to eat)
  • a spoon (to represent dishes for cooking and eating)
  • a small bowl (to represent pans for cleaning and scrubbing)
  • a piece of cloth and pin (to represent sewing materials for repairing clothing and making new clothing)
  • a small screwdriver (to represent tools to help repair the wagon)

Watch the following video to see what else Raisin learned as we stocked our wagon and “crossed the plains.”

Tomorrow I’m talking about the books we read together this week!

And make sure you check out how to make the wagon over at Life Over C’s!


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