National Brush Day

2min2xdayHere is a post-Halloween question for you!

Do your kids sometimes or frequently forget to brush their teeth?

If you answered yes, than you are in good company, since 3 out of 4 parents claim the same issue. But when children face dental health issues and bad dental health habits, they not only face pain, but they also increase their risk for dental issues and poor health in general for their entire lives!

Here’s a cute reminder from the Ad Council of how you can help your kids in just two minute a day.

Today, November 1, is National Brush Day, and the Ad Council and Partnership for Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives, have joined together to improve the dental health of children today.

All kids should brush their teeth for 2 minute 2 times a day, and here are some ideas to help you.

Have your child watch a fun two-minute video while brushing. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Get a reminder sent to your phone to remind you (and your kids!) to brush for 2 minute, 2 times a day.

Finally, there is a super fun FREE app, called ToothSavers to help you track your own and your kids teeth brushing progress. Aim for two minutes, two times a day and you’ll rescue the kingdom from the cavities!

What do you do to motivate your kids to brush for 2 minute 2 times a day?

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