Muffin Tin Phonics {A Pinteresting Project}

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I love Pinterest for ideas for education and fun! I really do not consider myself a crafty person, so when Pinterest was new, I thought I should avoid it. I figured there was nothing simple enough for me.

How wrong I was! I love all of the ideas for learning and playing that I stumble upon on Pinterest.

Today I’m sharing an idea I found for a learning game using a muffin tin.

Here was the pin I stumbled upon:

It came from Growing Book by Book, where Jodie also shared two other games with muffin tins. And here is what we did: Muffin Tin Phonics Practice!

muffin tin phonics

Since Raisin has just started second grade, we’re starting with review. We are using the Logic of English Essentials program. Because it begins with reviewing the phonograms from A-Z, I decided to start with phonics review rather than spelling, vocabulary or sight word reading practice as Jodie had done on her site.

I wrote the phonograms with more than one sound (the ones he sometimes slips up) plus some easier ones. Then I drilled him. For each sound I gave him, he had to throw the beanbag into the muffin tin.

The best part was that then he wanted to switch and see how many I could get! So then he was saying the sounds and I had to throw. This was great review for him, for he had to remember all the sounds for those vowels!

This was such a simple way to make phonics drilling fun. My little daughter (age 2) wanted to play along, so I gave her the name of the letter as well as the phonics sounds. (She’s still learning both letters and their sounds, of course.) She loved to feel a part of school!

What games can you think to do with a muffin tin?

See more games and ideas that can be geared toward any subject  on my General Teaching ideas board on Pinterest. Follow Rebecca Reid’s board (Ideas) General Teaching Ideas on Pinterest.

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