Week in Review: Mom-School

mom-schoolMy son has found a way for us to enjoy school even more: Mom School. As we do his school during the week, he curates ideas of things to test me on. Then, on Friday, he gave me school.

I had to do a crossword puzzle with all of his spelling words in it.

Next week, I suppose, we’ll have to learn how to spell SEARCH. Those /er/ phonograms are tricky!

I had to write some other spelling words that he found from his textbook. (He made sure to review the phonograms with me before he gave me the spelling words.)

You will notice that a few of the problems were marked incorrect because I either did not write it in cursive (I did not realize that was the assignment, but of course! Why wouldn’t it be! I make him write in cursive all the time) or it was not proper cursive. He was very particular that I write neatly. And he had fun tricking me with the “to/two/too” homophone!

I had to answer some math problems he typed up for me.

My favorite part of this one is the “I Love Math!” he put on the bottom of the page. I hated Math, but he loves it. This is what homeschooling is about. He also found Microsoft clip art and a border to make it look interesting. He put his name and copyright at the bottom, too, with a link to his blog (“for more information”). Apparently, he sees me making educational products for sale a bit too often. LOL!

And then he asked me some silly questions in Spanish that I had to answer in Spanish. (No picture because this got my son speaking in Spanish!.)

In general, it was quite fun to see him (try to) stump me. He really wanted it to be hard for me. I love how, for him, that means adding 1,000 to a problem.

A fun time was had by all!

How often do you let your students turn around and be your teacher?

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