The Most Memorable Activities of 2016

When I look back on homeschooling and being with my kids in 2016, I see just what a great year we have had. Here are some of the most memorable activities from 2016 that I loved doing with my kids.  I still recall these with fondness, even all these months later.

With my preschooler, I most loved our picture book activities.  We played hide-and-seek with the Gingerbread Man to learn about floor plans and maps. We danced with the moon when we learned about moon phases. We pretended to be hermit crabs (many times). Although my daughter is a rambunctious and spirited soul, I’m learning to love the time I spend learning with here. No, we are not doing “at home preschool” as I had intended. But we are playing together and learning much.

My elementary student and I have had our most fun when we have done hands-on STEM learning, much to my surprise. We made a bedroom model out of LEGOs, and made a stop motion video of it too. We took “core samples” of play dough to know where to dig our “well.” And we made it rain in the kitchen! I also took charge of a STEM Challenge class at our local co-op which has been a lot of fun as well. I can’t wait to see what else we will learn in the coming year.

As far as homeschooling in general, my most fun post to recall was my exploration of the best games to play with your kids in school. It was such a great reminder of all the things we learn just by living our life — and having fun! My favorite parenting post was definitely my ideas for giving the twelve days of Christmas. We had a blast preparing gifts for the family and my son loved the chance to be an “elf” for his friends. He cannot wait until next year!

So, that’s 2016 in a wrap! We had a great homeschooling year, and I can’t wait to see what we love to do in the coming year. It’s great so far!

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