Marshmallow Counting and Adding

This marshmallow math activity lets kids practice counting or addition. Really, playing with marshmallows for math practice can be adapted for all ages!

When the kids come inside from playing in the snow, I always let them have some hot cocoa to help them warm up. I decided to sneak a tiny bit of learning in on a day when it was too yucky to go outside! We practiced “marshmallow math” at the kitchen table. Marshmallow counting was perfect for a preschooler. Marshmallow addition (and subtraction) keeps my older child busy. 

Counting with Marshmallows

For my daughter, I had cards with cups of cocoa and marshmallows in the cup. She was to find the same number of real marshmallows, counting to put them on the card.

I made counting cards without the number and 10 more with the number labeled (for those still in the earliest stage of number learning. Then, I also made ten frames with marshmallows for my daughter to play with. She loved lining up the marshmallows on those. The ten frame marshmallow cards helped her a lot!

And of course she had to eat the marshmallows after she solved each card.

Marshmallow counting is great practice. With the free printable cards with cups of cocoa, preschoolers can practice 1-to-1 correspondence.
Marshmallow Addition

For my son, I had some simple addition (to 10) cards. I actually made them for him last year, so they were quite easy for him this year. But he did not mind. Adding marshmallows is a great game when you get to eat them afterward!

I included a recording sheet as well for him to write down the equations and the answers.

Marshmallow addition just means additional marshmallows to nibble on as we practice math!

The kids loved the marshmallow fun!

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The marshmallow addition cards are sold in my TeachersPayTeachers store and my Shop. It includes 40 half-page cards, a two-page recording sheet, and answer key. See also the related wintery-subtraction task cards! Use cotton balls (or marshmallows) as the “snowballs.” You may also be interested in learning about footprints in the snow and a melting snow preschool experiment as well.

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