Making Princess Jewelry from Aluminum Foil

We made princess jewelry from aluminum foil, which is fun to play with because of the fun texture and the noise.Today the weather turned rainy and yucky. We decided it was a great day to make princess jewelry inside! We used aluminum foil to make princess jewelry, as well as stickers, tape, and colorful construction paper, making this a sensory activity that even my toddler loved to be a part of!

Making the Foil Jewelry

Playing with aluminum foil is fun because of the sensory experience. It is noisy and crinkly, so smushing it together or rolling it up is a satisfactory time. One-year-old Kitty loved ripping it too! Because aluminum foil is not difficult to rip, she felt very satisfied with her progress. Besides, aluminum foil is very sparkly. What could be more delightful for princess jewelry than something so sparkly?

We twisted "snakes" of aluminum foil to make sparkly princess jewelry.Well, real jewels might be satisfactory, but since I knew Strawberry would tire of her jewelry after a short time, I knew it was not necessary. I cut off strips of the foil and Strawberry and I rolled it with the shiniest side outwards. Then, when we had long snakes of foil, we twisted them into shapes and twisted them together.

For Strawberry’s crown, we shaped the foil into “swirls” and a heart. I made a smaller heart to dangle in the middle of her tiara. (Crown or tiara: what is the difference?) Strawberry and I attached the foil to the paper with tape and then attached the paper tiara together in the back to fit on her head.

Her bracelet and necklace likewise were twisted foil. It was easy for her to do and she loved the satisfaction of the sparkles!

Princess Jewelry and Costume

We also made a sash out of card stock. We weaved a ribbon through the top and bottom of the card stock, and tied a bow to the side. We used stickers and more cardstock to make a fancy decoration for the front of her sash.

Strawberry loved showing off her fancy jewelry and costume! It’s true the tin foil untwists and falls off sometimes. This is not a long-term jewelry solution. But, for our preschool princess, twisting and playing with foil provided a perfect medium for creating sparkly jewelry for a princess costume! See also my sewing plan for putting together a Princess in Black costume.

We used aluminum foil to make sparkly princess jewelry.Like this post? Pin it for later!

Twist aluminum foil in skinny strips to make princess jewelry.

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