List It Tuesday: The First Five Laminated Items

laminatingI’ve mentioned that I purchased a laminator. It is so much fun. For List it Tuesday (at Many Little Blessings and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers),  I thought I’d share the first five things I have laminated. This is just the first few days! I can tell, there will be far more coming and many more already added to it (such as yesterday’s game).

1. Church-themed matching cards. I printed clip art and illustrated these cards back in my single days when I was teaching Sunday school to five year olds. I’ve kept them through my kids too, but to be honest, I never wanted to pull them out because I remembered how long it took me to color in each picture! I went through an entire package of gel pens. (Only in my single days…) They would be destroyed so quickly by my kids. Now I don’t have to worry. My toddler can have at them!

2. Spanish Go Fish game. I reviewed this a few weeks ago. It’s from a fellow teaching friend, Suzanne Scotten. I love how it gets my son actually talking in Spanish (even if it is only a few words at a time). Now it won’t get eaten by the toddler.

3. Co-op Cards. We are working on Building a Better Sentence this week. I love this product. I was printing off all the cards. For a moment, I pondered the fact that I was “wasting” color ink for a class that will destroy the cards. Then I realized: never again! I have a laminator now! Score!

4. Harmonica instructions. These are on a very thin piece of paper, and Raisin had trouble keeping it straight, as it was all wrinkled up. Not anymore!

5. Raisin’s steering wheel. He saw how durable things are now, with the lamination on them! So why not laminate the steering wheel for his pretend car in his pretend Grand Canyon (his closet)? Of course!

{Raisin decided he did not want me to photograph his steering wheel. He said, “Mom, but that is mine! I don’t want your blog readers to see that!”}

Do you have a laminator? What are you favorite thing to laminate?


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