Make Your Own Book: Lift-the-Flap Spring Colors

This month’s Story Corner Blog Hop is about Spring, and while I have a huge number of favorite spring books I could share about (I may in the coming weeks), the book I kept coming back to is one that my daughter has recently fallen in love with: Lift-the-Flap Colors.

Because spring is simply packed full of new colors, this seemed the perfect book to keep my daughter interested in a Springy activity. We decided to make our own Lift-the-Flap book, but this time with the spring colors we see!After reading a delightful lift-the-flap book, my toddler wanted to make her own lift-the-flap book!

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The first thing we did was take a spring walk to observe the colors we saw: brown tree trunks and branches, green grass, and many colors of newly born flowers (Strawberry’s favorite part!). Then we went back inside to draw these!

Here are the tools I needed:

  • Cardstock. Because the flaps of our book would be loved, we wanted it to be sturdy.
  • Crayons, pens, and/or markers.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue. We used stick glue initially, but I may go back and reinforce with regular school glue once Strawberry has detached the flaps a few times! Glue sticks don’t quite cut it with this project!
  • Staples, ribbons, or rings to bind the book. In our pictures, we have not bound it yet. I cut holes in the side and strung ribbon through it.

We made our own lift-the-flap book with our rudimentary drawing skills and glue.
Our book turned out nicely. Strawberry wanted to have a page about rain. It has stormed a lot in the past few weeks! She does not like lightning and thunder, but she definitely wanted to put the colors in her book!

We ended up with four pages, besides the cover: One with “what I see on the ground”, one with “what I see in the sky”, another of “what I see during a storm” and a final page for Strawberry’s own writing and random colors. (She loves to scribble!)

My daughter loves that she was the creator of our own lift-the-flap book!

So far she loves having this as her own creation! We know the flaps in our own homemade “Lift-the-Flap Spring Colors” booklet are not as sturdy as those in the Lift-the-Flap Colors book, but we certainly enjoyed making it, and when another season comes, we can make another book!

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