When I get started with my homeschool day for my third grader, it’s inevitable that my preschooler begs for a chance to do school too! Sometimes we have our lessons together, but when I am tied up with the other children, I love that I can hand her a truly educational preschool phonics app right on her level, HOMER Reading.

Note: I received free access to this app for review purposes, and I was compensated for my time in preparing this review. All opinions are honest and are my own.

When I want to hand my preschooler an educational phonics app right on her level, HOMER Reading provides a wide-variety of learning opportunities for her.

Learn Sight Words and Phonics

My preschooler knows the sounds of most of the letters and can recognize the uppercase and lowercase letters. HOMER Reading takes this a step further by putting both uppercase/lowercase letter recognition and sound recognition into an app. My daughter practices recognizing the letters at the beginning, middle, and end of simple CVC words. Each screen is narrated, and the characters on the screen are encouraging.

For each child, I can set up a profile with favorite things (dinosaurs, princesses, trucks, or animals, for example), her age, and her general reading level. This sets up a custom reading path for my child to follow when she logs in to the app. I can require her to do the path in order (recommended by the app) or allow her to skip around a little bit.

When I want to hand my preschooler an educational phonics app right on her level, HOMER Reading provides a wide-variety of learning opportunities for her.

Online Educational Help

I don’t always love turning to the tablet or computer to keep my littlest one engaged, but I accept that sometimes I need to. HOMER Reading provides a truly educational tool for introducing phonics and the beginning steps of reading that my preschooler needs. Here are some of the things we look for in an educational app.

  • Instructions given orally, with the option to repeat
  • Instruction at her level (very beginning letter/phonics reading).
  • Icons that clearly show what the selection will do
  • Cute pictures, but not TOO busy or distracting
  • Choices of what to do on the app
  • Familiar or friendly friends/characters

HOMER Reading checks all the boxes! Not only does it provide phonics and early reading instruction at my preschooler’s level, it also provides other educational activities for my older child. HOMER Reading provides so much more than reading and phonics!

Here are some of the things kids can do in the app:

  • Read books aloud to a child, including some well known popular books (such as Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and more)
  • Listen to songs and rhymes
  • Play matching games and do puzzles
  • Play other interactive games
  • Draw on the screen
  • Explore non-fiction topics on interests I selected for each child.
  • Create stories following prompts

I feel like we have only begun exploring the app, even though we’ve had it installed for more than a month. There are so many things on the app to explore! So although my children can do a lot of it on their own, I almost want to look over their shoulder to see just what else is waiting for them to discover!

Get the HOMER Reading Educational App

Would you like to give HOMER Reading a try? Click on over to get a free 30-day trial, or sign up for the entire year right now.

You can also connect with HOMER Reading on Facebook or Instagram.

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