I have been online for many years, of course, but with the addition of a tablet and a smart phone, logging in to accounts has become increasingly difficult. Accounts frequently require a secure password, with forced password changes every two months. Given the danger of account hacking and identity theft, I don’t blame anyone for requiring such security measures, and I’m grateful! But it is so hard to remember all of the various logins I have! How could I keep my passwords safe?

Enter: Dashlane. I found this last year and it has elminated so much stress. I am able to generate strong passwords and save them in the app. When I use my computer, I can easily look up the password I need and copy it into the log in screen. Even better, with a premium account, I can access my passwords easily through my Android devices and easily sync updated passwords. (Apps are also available in the Apple platform.) Since I’ve started using Dashlane, I’ve found it much easier to keep things in order in my online login world.

Passwords are secure inside of Dashlane. I have not given my son access to the password file and so I don’t have to worry about him logging in to sites I don’t want him on either. I love that my digital wallet and my online account passwords are so close to me but definitely secure from hackers. I highly recommend Dashlane for keeping your own passwords in order.

How do you keep your online identity organized?

Note: I am affiliate for Dashlane. I used Dashlane and loved it for a year, so I am happy to share about my good experience.

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