Keeping Cool with Water Games During the Hottest Month

It's hot! Here's a list of fun games for paddling pools, backyards, and neighborhood pools to help cool you down.It’s August so it is hot around here! I know some people are headed back to school. Maybe because outside it is simply too hot. Whether you are heading to the neighborhood pool or you are staying in your yard, here are some water games and water play ideas for keeping you cool during your August outside time. 

Wadding Pool Games

If you have a paddling pool, have some science fun with these 5 ideas.

Dive for alphabet letters in the pool.

Make music and play with water in the small wading pool.

To add some literacy fun to your day, have a sight word boat race.

Backyard Water Games

On a hot sunny summer day, it’s always fun to paint the concrete with water and watch it dry.

Or maybe it will be fun to follow footprints.

I love this watery twist on duck, duck, goose because now it’s drip, drip, drop!

If you are not close enough to a pool or you don’t have a paddling pool, try making a pool noodle sprinkler.

If you have a crowd of kids, try these water balloon games!

Neighborhood Pool Games

If you have a non-swimmer and you’re headed for the neighborhood pool, check out these 5 swimming games for the non-swimmer.

For older kids, try playing Swimming Pool Scrabble.

My all-time favorite game as a kid was the game Marco Polo.

And my kids (both the big kid and my little one) love playing our Coral Reef games at the pool.

Keeping Cool in the Sun

No matter what you do, stay cool this month! Keep these sun safety tips in mind as well, and drink lots of water!

Have fun by playing these water games in the backyard or swimming pool to keep cool during the summer.

I hope some of these ideas are just the water games you were looking for. Happy splashing!

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