Inexpensive Bookshelves {A Pinteresting Project}

pinteresting bookshelvesI have been watching homeschoolers link up for the homeschool room reveal. I’ve been watching school teachers share pictures of their cool classrooms. It’s about time I do something with mine!

I am getting very excited about the things we’ve done. While the layout is still the same as it was last year, I am finding we have an overabundance of stuff this year: the books keep multiplying, the games people gift me have overrun the closet, and my newly found crafty side (more about this later) also means that a plethora of various craft items are bursting out of the closet.

I need more storage! But I don’t want to spend a fortune (which I don’t have) or add permanent fixtures to the room (as we’ll be moving at some point!).

When I need ideas, I head over to Pinterest!

One thing I found on pinterest gave me a ton of inspiration for taking care of the books problem. Enter, an inexpensive alternative to bookshelves!

pinteresting bookshelves2To create these inexpensive bookshelves, I needed just three things.

  • plastic milk crates
  • zip ties (affiliate link)
  • scissors to trim the zip ties

pinteresting bookshelves3I stacked the crates and attached zip ties through the top of one and the bottom of the other. And there you go! I have new bookshelves for my school room and closet!

I can’t wait to try the next great Pinterest idea!

How do you store all the books you have in your homeschool or classroom?

See more “teacher hacks” on my General Teaching ideas board on Pinterest.

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