Watch to Discover Homeschooling out of Your Comfort Zone

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What you’ll discover in this course:

You can and you should get out of your comfort zone.


Chapter 1: learn why I'm talking about comfort zones

I'm not someone who ever thought I'd homeschool, and I never thought I'd send my girls to public school either. It's so complicated and it's all out of my comfort zone. I'd like to share what I've learned about stepping out and doing things anyway, even when I don't want to, or I'm scared to do it.


chapter 2: why you should get out of your comfort zone

We need to set a foundation for what I mean about comfort zones. Learn here why getting out of the comfort zone is so essential, and how and why you should do it scared!


chapter 3: Tips and strategies

I'm not just telling you what to do. In this chapter I give you practical tips and strategies you can apply to your own life to help you get out of your comfort zone and into amazing opportunities.


bonus 1: get an inspiring journal for tracking your journey

I give you the journal in both a printable version and a digital version, which you can type right in from your computer.

bonus 2: get an ebook about confidence

Get the confidence you need to get started with these ideas for your homeschool.

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