4 Homeschooling Lessons I Learn the Hard Way

4 Homeschooling Lessons I Learn the Hard WayI’ve recently begun my fourth year of homeschool, and yet, I find myself learning the same lessons every year. Of course, every homeschooling family is different. You may find some of the things that never work for me do work for you.

Nevertheless, I think I may not be alone in having to relearn these lessons frequently. Some day maybe I’ll learn!

  • Ditch the checklist. It does not work for my kids. It gives me stress when we have not finished the day’s assignments. It’s true that I schedule and plan. But when things come up, we move on and forget it. That is what life and homeschooling is like with preschoolers (and soon to be a baby as well) underfoot!
  • Hug more often. I homeschool because I love my son. Why do I let other issues cloud that very important one? After I ditch the checklist, I need to hug and show love more often. I need to treasure the time with my son. Showing love, hugging, and providing positive feedback is one way to show just how grateful I am for this chance to teach him in my home day after day.
  • Play more games. My son learns most when he is playing. He loves to learn, and he loves to play games. Doing worksheets and checking off the boxes? No. That is not him. But playing learning games lets him thrive. I’m glad homeschooling lets me work games in to our daily mix.
  • Love my child for who he is, not what a grade-level guide expects him to be. This goes along with everything else. The point of homeschool is that I don’t need to fit his education into a box. I take his education, his emotional needs, his social needs, and everything in to consideration. And I love him for whom he is.

To be a homeschool mom, I must be like a bendy straw. We take it as it goes. I hope as this year continues, I’ll keep on remembering the homeschooling lessons I learn the hard way, the ones that for some reason I tend to forget when I sit down for a new school year. My son deserves it.


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