Hands-on Multiplication Review Activities and Games

Hands-on multiplication review activities and games will help kids love math instead of dread it.
Multiplication is something that comes up again and again and again. My memories of elementary school math revolve around the horrid timed practice tests we had to take each and every week in third grade. So that’s why, for my kids’ sake, I want to make sure that use hands-on multiplication review activities and games to make math learning both fun and memorable. Here are some great hands-on multiplication activities we’ve found!

Hands-On Games

My son has always learned best by playing games! There is something about a challenge, teams, or simply the term “game” that make reviewing math more fun for him.

It's is so much fun to do hands-on multiplication review with games!

  • Baseball Multiplication Game by Line upon Line Learning. We use a 12-sided dice to play this simple game.
  • Multiplication Tic Tac Toe by School Time Snippets. Tic-Tac-Toe is definitely more interesting when we must do a math equation before we can claim a square!
  • Multiplication BINGO by School Time Snippets. BINGO always is fun when you’re playing against someone else.
  • Minecraft Multiplication Game by Royal Baloo. If you student loves Minecraft, this would be a perfect review game!
  • Finger Hopscotch by Creekside Learning. This is simple and portable, but what a fun way to practice math facts.

Hands-On Activities

Some kids are definitely kinesthetic learners. They need to be moving and touching things to understand the concept.

Get your kids moving with these hands on multiplication review activities.

  • Multiplication Product SPLAT by Line upon Line Learning. Who does not want to swat the flies? In this game, the student must swat the correct fly with the flyswatter. It would be so fun for teams to play against each other too!
  • Multiplication Eggs by Rainy Day Mum. This is kinesthetic to the max! Kids must match problems and answers using eggs. I love how even when they find the correct half of the egg, they need to twist it to get to the correct spot.
  • Paper Plate Multiplication Wheel by School Time Snippets. What a nice way to practice the times tables. I love how it then becomes  a resource for review.
  • Times Tables Multiplying Game by Kids Craft Room. Practice multiplying on the copy machine! Genius.
  • Multiplication High Fives by Creekside Learning. I love how this activity is one you can leave on the wall so you can high five every time you go upstairs!
  • 3D Multiplication Graph with LEGOs by Frugal Fun 4 Boys. LEGO bricks make everything more fun.


Seeing and building arrays helps make logical sense of what multiplication is doing. It’s not just numbers to memorize: multiplication is a simplified way to count!

Get a stronger understanding of arrays with these hands-on multiplication review array activities

  • Acorn Arrays by Rainy Day Mum. With a perfect theme for fall, your kids will get a greater understanding of the commutative property of multiplication.
  • Outside Arrays by Line upon Line Learning. Anything to get out the house! We use rocks we find to make arrays here.
  • Ping Pong Arrays by Fantastic Fun and Learning. Ping Pong balls can only be fun. Uses ping pong balls to make a creative array.
  • Arrays in Real Life by You Clever Monkey. Even more appropriate is finding the arrays around you in the grocery store and elsewhere.
  • Pumpkin Patch Array by School Time Snippets. Simple manipulatives are useful for older children too! See how to make a pumpkin patch array.

Multiplication Art

Math is all the more fun when you make displayable art out the project. These multiplication review ideas are perfect for the budding artists, and any student who likes to keep their hands busy while they are learning!

Make art with these hands-on multiplication review crafts.

  • Chicka Chicka Multiplication Tree by Rainy Day Mum. I love the idea of incorporating a fun book into a math craft. Although the student is sorting products of multiplication equations, it also turns out into a nice craft!
  • Spirolaterals Make Art with Math by What Do We Do All Day? This hands-on multiplication review ends up presenting a really cool art result.
  • Pine Cone Multiplication Craft by Thriving STEM. What a creative way to practice numbers, using an outdoor part of nature as well as the multiplication skills.
  • Multiplication Spider Craft by Thriving STEM. Give kids a challenge and they will rise to the occasion. In this craft, kids must make sure the beads they receive are divided evenly for the spider they make.
  • Multiplication Circles by Lemon Lime Adventures. Once again, reviewing the times tables has never looked this good!

I feel I missed out in learning fun during my own childhood! Maybe if I had some of these hands-on learning experiences in third grade I wouldn’t dislike the subject so much now. I am determined to help my kids love it too.

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