Today’s Teaching with Technology post focuses on how we use Google Earth. I say I use it for “our homeschool,” but really, I just let my son play with it and explore the world. Maybe next year I’ll give him more specific assignments. There are so many tools as a part of the Google Earth program!

Google Earth is a desktop application, but it also can be downloaded to tablets and phones. Visiting the website will give you lots of information about where you can access it. There is even a separate site for educators!

Here is what we do:

As I mention, there is so much more that one can do to use Google Earth in education. In the future, I may give my son specific assignments to find, research, or otherwise learn from as he explores on Google Earth.

The Google site has lesson plans for educators in a variety of grades. It also provides tutorials and tips for using the application. I highly suggest educators, homeschool or otherwise, research some of the ways Google Earth can help.

How do you use Google Earth for learning?

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