Go, Cubs, Go! Early Reader Freebie

My four-year-old daughter is not yet reading. But the other day she was delighted to see the "Go Cubs Go" marquee in front of the doctor's office. To her surprise (and mine!) she told me what it said! I have a one-track mind this week: Cubs baseball! We've also enjoyed counting the "W" banners as we drive around town. 

My maternal grandparents lived most of their lives in Chicagoland. Grandpa always expected a Cubs World Series victory was eminent. Whenever they lost, it was always a refrain of "Better luck next year!" My grandmother's father made her sit and write scores as they listened to the radio in the 1920s. Neither of these grandparents are alive today to celebrate the Cubs' win of the World Series 2016. It is up to me and my generation to do so. My daughter tried to stay up to watch the world series final last night, but she did fall asleep. I was happy to tell her of the Cubs' win this morning!

I've made a "Cubs win" booklet to share with all the Cubs fans (even little league teams) that may want it for their little ones. 

Early Reading Skills

Noticing letters around us is a great pre-literacy skill. Since Strawberry does know most of the first letter sounds, she can also sound out some CVC words (when she feels like it). 

She's always proud of herself for reading the familiar words and sounding out some CVC words. I decided to help her celebrate. In the Go Cubs Go reader I wrote, she can find some familiar sight words and sound out some CVC words that I know she knows.  She needed help with some other words.  Now that she has figured it out, she loves that she can read it to me! 

Get a Baseball-Themed Early Reader Booklet

In the baseball-themed early reader, I've included the following words: 

  • a
  • at
  • ball
  • bat
  • cap
  • cubs
  • get
  • hit
  • it
  • play
  • run
  • win

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