Four Powerful Social Media Platforms

sm-powerfulAs a stay-at-home mom, I sometimes get a bit stir-crazy only having conversations with my six-year-old and toddler. It’s good to have an outlet, and I’ve really enjoyed how Twitter, Facebook, and now Pinterest and Google+ keep me connected to others in similar situations.

In addition, I’ve found these to be powerful social media platforms for organizing ideas and finding information.


I have been using Twitter the longest. It allows me to give my thoughts in 140 characters. I’m not usually short on words so this is always a good experiment for me. (Find me @rebeccarreid)

Here’s what I love:

  1. Chatting with people in real time. I feel like I get to know people a little bit. I can let my real self shine through!
  2. Getting feedback and ideas from like-minds when I ask for it. If I have a question, there is sure to be someone with a response!
  3. Getting sidetracked by reading all the awesome articles people link to.
  4. Twitter helps when you want to get attention of a company. Where else can you chat with the representative of a company and get a response quickly? Twitter works so much better than customer service much of the time.
  5. Sharing and re-sharing interesting content from others.


I was a late adopter of Facebook. I had a blog so I thought I did not need facebook. But I eventually turned to it and now I have to check it each morning! (Visit my Line upon Line Learning page)

Here’s what I love:

  1. Reading updates from friends I know in real life. This is my main use for Facebook. It only works for those who do update, but I still love catching up with friends.
  2. Reading updates from bloggers/teachers/homeschoolers who post to Facebook. I do have a bloglovin’ account but somehow I usually see Facebook first!
  3. Finding links to funny and interesting articles I’d never have found otherwise. In retrospect, all of these really are like those annoying email forwards I never read a decade ago. But still, now I find that I like them.
  4. Getting “likes” for the funny things my kids say and do.
  5. Reading and liking all the funny things friend’s kids say and do.
  6. Feeling like I’m not alone on those hard days.


I don’t know why I waited so long to join Pinterest. It has so many great ideas! I am not a crafter, but Pinterest makes it easy to find ideas of any kind. (Visit my profile or follow my Line upon Line Learning blog board)

I love:

  1. Ideas. They are here. For anything. Teaching, activities, birthday parties, lesson ideas, books to read on a subject, quotes, printable activities, worksheets, you name it. (And notice that I do not say “do it yourself” and “crafts” because, although you can also find those there, I cannot do them!)
  2. Pretty. Pinterest is pretty to look at. This is a pretty social media.
  3. Easy search. It is pretty easy to find ideas if you are looking for some!
  4. Organization. Pinterest makes it easy to organize ideas you find for later! It even lets you have a “secret” board if you are planning for a holiday or surprise party.


I signed up for Google+ just a few months ago, but I really like it so far. (Visit my profile on G+ or my Line upon Line Learning page.)

I love:

  1. It is super easy to sort boards.
  2. It’s pretty. This is like Pinterest in terms of layout and prettiness.
  3. People respond and engage in discussion! G+ is very friendly.
  4. It’s easy to find blogs and blog posts; often you can even comment on the blog right from G+.
  5. There are so many interesting people and posts on G+ and its easy to navigate throughout.

I never get bored on social media.

I have not even touched on the social media platforms that I am not a part of. What others are you on? Which social media platform do you prefer? 

Leave a link to your profile(s) below and I can follow you back!

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