Five for Friday: Frenzy, Freebie, Scoot in Homeschool, and More

This week has been great, school-wise and teacher creating-wise. Here are some of the highlights.

Five for Friday! with Doodle Bugs Teaching


Today starts a Facebook Frenzy of freebies (more details here)! I’ve joined in! I’m offering one of my products for free in the third grade Frenzy. My writing process prompt package helps students respond to Squanto’s Journey by Joseph Bruchac. I am super excited about this product. I love responding to great books and I hope these prompts (which include, brainstorm, support/organization, and final paragraph pages for each of the four prompts) will help teachers in supporting their kids!

Are you following me on Facebook? Get my Frenzy Freebie here! Then, click the haystack to get a whole bunch MORE freebies! Or, if you don’t do Facebook, buy the product at my store.

The Facebook Frenzy is over, but you can get the Thanksgiving Writing prompts for middle and upper elementary in my shop (Squanto’s Journey and The Thanksgiving Story) or at TeachersPayTeachers (Squanto’s Journey and The Thanksgiving Story):



I’ve also added a companion writing process prompt to correlate to The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dagliesh (buy it here). I used one of the prompts in my writing class at co-op and it went so well! I put them in groups of two or three. The kids first had a chart on which to brainstorm things they might see, here, feel, smell, or taste aboard the Mayflower. Then they wrote sentences for each of those senses. They cut out the sentences and put them in an order they liked, tweaked it, and put it together into a paragraph, written as if they were a child writing a letter back to a friend in England about what the boat journey was like. Here is my favorite final product:

Mayflower letter

If you cannot read it, it says this:

Dear Friend,

We felt wood under our feet when we walked on the ship. Then I saw lots of people sleeping on mattresses. Later we smelled lots of stinky people. At lunch we ate a piece of hard bread. The boat made a loud creaking noise.

From, ____ and  ____.


I changed my logo to something new and improved! I no longer have my photo on my TeachersPayTeachers store, but I’m not shy about who I am. Here I am!

rebecca reid square pictureRebecca Reid is the face of Line upon Line Learning!

For those who may not know me, I am a homeschooling mom to two. My oldest is a first grader this year, and my youngest is almost two years old. They keep me on my toes! Before I stayed home with my kids, I was an editor and proofreader for various companies. My passion, however, is literature. I don’t get many chances to read for myself anymore, but I love finding brilliant kids books almost as much as I enjoy Victorian Literature, so that is okay!


I’m starting to fall in love with browsing Pinterest for ideas! I found this great idea and used it in writing class at co-op.

Parts of Speech Practice

I gave them each 3-5 sticks with words written on them. Suddenly, the kids were up and moving around the room, laughing at the words and asking for clarification from each other about which part of speech they had in their hand. It worked! They loved it!

I wanted to keep the momentum going about these parts of speech, so I sent them home with this color-by-part-of-speech worksheet to review it. Download it yourself. Let me know if it is helpful to you in your class as well! Click the image to download.


I found a great set of Scoot task cards during the Facebook Frenzy that perfectly coordinated with what my son is doing in math this week: learning place value. It was on First Grade Buddies Facebook page (click on FB Frenzy link this weekend only!).

For those who don’t know, classroom teachers use scoot as a move-around-the-room activity: kids sit and do a problem, then the teacher says “scoot” and they move to the next chair. With just my son, I wasn’t positive the best way to use this but I found a solution! I hid the problems around the house. He had to do the problem before he could find the next one, and he loved finding the next one! It made our twenty minutes of math much more fun than it would be had we been sitting at a chair.

So that is our week in review! What have you been doing this week?

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