Five for Friday: A Week in Review + 100s Chart Mystery Picture

November is half over. I’m feeling like school is getting boring so I need to switch things up soon! I’m going to jump into my week in review with my Five for Friday!

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1. Copywork discipline.

I ask my son to write sentences as a consequence when he misbehaves.

When I was in school, I remember teachers assigning “sentences” as a consequence of misbehavior. I always thought it was a waste of time.

Well, I’ve decided on a new way to get my son to think before he acts: I, too, have begun giving him sentences to write. He hates copywork, and every time I ask him to write anything he whines and moans about it. Once I started saying “Ok, you’ll have to write another sentence because of such-and-such!” he has been disappointed, but he knew he had been disobedient/mean to his sister/etc. and so he knew he had to do it.

So I feel like we are doing double duty: copywork practice without complaining as well as consequence for his misbehavior.

That works a lot better than time out. He has such an imagination that his time outs become fun for him.

Do you ever add something in that you always said you’d never do? How do you get your kids to do copywork without complaints? Is this going to backfire on me some day?

2. Learning about Plants.

My son has been doing a class at co-op about plants. They’ve learned about non-vascular plants and gymnosperms and angiosperms. Now they are focusing on angiosperms. I honestly do not remember learning any of this when I was young or when I was old! It’s all new to me. I actually have really been enjoying it. A great thing about being my son’s teacher is that I can learn along with him.

Yesterday, we stopped at Half Priced Books to see if there were any book for elementary school aged kids that I could use to explain things as a supplement to the papers he brings home from co-op every week. I found this gem: Exploring Creation with Botany from Apologia.

Picture 6

It is a Christian-based textbook, which is not what I would have chosen. I like adding Christianity in myself as I see fit, and a textbook has the potential of being dry. But to my surprise it is so far fascinating and easily accessible for my son. I kind of feel like the person writing the book has created a story all about plants and is telling it to me. I read a few pages with my son this morning. He was not keen on it but I did not want to stop reading. I’m not sure how to approach it, since he’s already been doing so much with co-op. I may keep it on the back burner until the next time he begins studying plants. Meanwhile, I’ll read it and learn a lot!

Do you have a formal science curriculum for your first grade/first grader? I don’t want to make first grade too much work. It has been a nice balance thus far.

3. Thanksgiving Feast

We had our Thanksgiving Feast day at co-op this week. It’s so early we had trouble finding a huge turkey at the super store! We enjoyed good food, fun games, and friendly conversation.

I did not take pictures, although my friends did. Every time someone took a picture of my kids, I cringed, because they were so overdue with haircuts.

4. Math Mystery Pictures

My son is learning about addition and subtraction by tens and by ones. It surprised me how confused he got by it. So to help him, I made him these mystery pictures.


My son, however, informed me that the corn looks like corn but the turkey and cornucopia don’t look like what they are supposed to. So your students may be disappointed, but hey, at least I got my son practicing!

hundreds chart add subtract thanksgiving COVER

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5. Library Fun: Baby Storytime

I was so good about getting my oldest to library story time when he was a toddler. Strawberry, as a second child, now must face life as a second child: she just won’t always get the same opportunities! Today, though, we made it to the story time specifically for babies. It was so much fun to watch her watching the other younger babies. She loved trying to dance. She also tried to steal the baby doll from the librarian who was running the story time!

I hope we can get there again sometime, but to be honest, if we don’t do all of our school first, we might not get it done!

What do you make sure you do for your younger children? What special perk of toddler-hood do you think every toddler should enjoy?

Well, that’s it for our week!

How was your week? Are you getting homeschool (or public school as the case may be) burn out yet?

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