Easing Into the School Year: Lemonade Stand Math Game

This week is our second week of school, and nine days in to it, I’m ready for a break!

One mistake I made was that I tried to jump right in to some of our curriculum. For example, we began with a review in our math book (Singapore Primary Mathematics). My son was not amused. Apparently, he’s forgotten multiplication in the past six weeks.

But that is not fair for me to make light of his frustration: I understand that it is hard to jump in to work pages right off the bat. There needed to be a better solution.

And there was. Over the past nine school days, my son has complained that he “does not want to do school” and “only wants to do school games.” So, it was time to pull up the resources at my disposal.

The first math game I pulled out is a delightful, summery Lemonade Stand Math Game from my friend Emily Gibbons at The Literacy Nest.

Lemonade Stand Game

The Lemonade Stand Game is great because each time you play, the price of lemonade changes; it sometimes even changes in the middle of a game. Sometimes, a rainy day brings bad luck, or bees take off with some of your earnings. With the included earnings tracking sheet, my son gets the chance to practice addition and subtraction as well as multiplication (number of lemonade sales X current price of lemonade).

The game comes with graphics for “Lemon Bucks” and coins, lemonade sales cards and lemon/bees cards, as well as pockets to hold the pieces in so that the game will fit into a file folder. Four “people” markers make it a game for up to four kids. The accompanying game board can be laminated and tucked right in to the file folder as well. All you need is a die and the tracking sheet (optional) and you are good to go!

My son has begged to play it since the first day we played it. A few days, we’ve used it as the “reward” to finishing a single page of math. Other days, we have ditched the workbook and just made lemonade!

Does this sound like a game your student(s) will enjoy?

Emily has donated two copies of this file folder game for two lucky readers of Line upon Line Learning blog! I’ll also let the two winners choose any non-bundle item from my store as well.

Enter for your chances to win below.

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