I’m a day late but I have to share the fun Ducks workbox full of activities that Strawberry and I have been enjoying!

201504ducks workbox

Each of these activities is included in my ducks picture books product.

Her favorite activity was definitely the Clothespins Clip-it Habitat cards set. She loved finding the item in the duck pond that did not belong! After we played it once, she was excited to do it again to “accidentally” get the wrong thing. “Silly sofa, you don’t belong there!”

She also enjoyed the counting puzzles. Although the numbers 6-10 were more difficult for her, she loved matching the 1-5 cards, and counting each of the items on the cards with me.

The add together puzzles again were difficult for her, but she loved finding the matches. “One duck here, one duck here! They match!” she’d declare.

The name cards were fun to learn about. Strawberry enjoyed looking at real ducks.

In short, I was in a hurry to get something together before my co-op meeting, and Strawberry loved my last minute addition our activity box!

What simple activities do you have available to grab-and-go on days like this?

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