duck craftSince my daughter likes ducks so much, I decided to do some mini-units on ducks. One thing I decided to do was prepare a small craft and writing (“craftivity”) for us to enjoy! 

To make this craft, I printed the duck templates onto colored paper (both of my kids wanted orange ducks; I made a yellow duck).

We cut out the pieces and put it together.

I helped the kids write their sentences. I made it blank primary-grade lines so they could write whatever they wanted!

duck craft 2

On mine, I wrote, “My favorite duck book is Just Ducks.” On Strawberry’s we wrote, “A baby duck is called a duckling.” Raisin wanted, “I like to watch ducks.”

Strawberry insisted that hers have the BIG eyes. That is why hers looks a little bit like an owl.

My daughter loves her duck. She wanted her duck to come in her crib during nap time. She likes talking to her duck too.

Do you want to make a duck craftivity with your kids? This duck craftivity is a part of the Ducks Picture Book Lessons and Activities set!

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