What you will learn in this course

The video lectures in this course take you through ten of the common myths of homeschooling and carefully de-bunks them! 

You will learn these concepts and so much more!

  • Why and how to get "me time" while homeschooling
  • How to homeschool when you don't know everything
  • Where you can get low-cost learning materials
  • How to homeschool even if you do not have a ton of patience
  • Why your homeschool kids will have plenty of socialization time

Take notes in the digital workbook that you downloaded when you purchased your course. Check out your "downloads" page under your account to find it!

Each module also has extensive links to more resources. Some have downloadable products, self-evaluation quizzes, and other help for you in your homeschooling journey.

Are you ready to get started? I am so excited!

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