Vegetable Soup (episode 102) 9.27

Watch the Salsa video on or watch it via the YouTube video above.

Click the audio below to hear the vocabulary of the week! Parents, you can also see the Instruction Video for more about the specific Salsa episode. I add additional vocabulary here.

Note: Many children who watch the Salsa 102 video believe that Ricitos de Oro and Ratoncito are putting bananas into the soup. Nope! These are plantains. This is a perfect time to taste plantains, which look like bananas. They are closer to a potato in taste. Try them fried!



por favor

lo siento
















los tomates

los pimientos

los plátanos

el agua

las zanahorias

las papas

las cebollas

el aguacate

el ajo

el apio

el brócoli

el coliflor

la calabaza

la calabacita

el espárrago

la espinaca

la lechuga

el maiz

el pepino

Vegetable Activities

download now

Pretend to make soup. What will you put in your soup?

Watch the video below! I go to the play kitchen to make some sopa with papas, zanahorias, tomates, and una cebolla. Don't forget to add agua!

Review frío/fría and caliente by listening to this Boom Cards Spanish story!

Note: Sign in to a Boom account in order to play the game. If you do not have a classroom account, you can purchase this deck in the store.

Pretend Soup

In your own play kitchen, make pretend soup as I did in the video, by putting pretend vegetables in a pot and stirring. If you do not have a play kitchen, use the printout (see above).

Good Manners

Practice manners in Spanish this week. Say gracias for thank you and por favor when you would like something.

Frío and Caliente

Practice saying the vocabulary words while you play a two or more person hide-and-seek game with a favorite toy or animal. You could even hide one of the vegetables from this week's print out!

To play, one player hides the toy while the second player is out of the room. Then, the player returns to search. When he or she is far away from the hiding place, the first player says frío and when the player gets closer to the hiding place, he or she says caliente. Once the second player finds the toy, he or she hides and the roles reverse.

Kids can get really excited as they yell "caliente!!" when the players has ALMOST found the hiding place. They won't notice they are also speaking in Spanish.

For Next Week (September 27)

Rewatch episode 102 if you want. We'll be learning more vegetables.

Think about it: What is your favorite vegetable?

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