Goldilocks (episode 101) 9.13 & 9.20

In Class (September 13)

As kids came in today, we had fun dressing the Weather Oso (weather bear). Then, I sang a "Como te llamas?" song so we could all say our names. Here are other things we did today.

  • Read Ricitos de Oro in English, with select Spanish words, and acted out the story with stick puppets, repeating the Spanish words as we remembered them.
  • We decided if various toys were for something grande or pequeño (big or small).
  • We practice frio and caliente by hiding our SALSA friend and playing "hot and cold."
  • We practiced saying Hola and Adios by playing our Spanish version of Duck, Duck, Goose.
  • We read another Spanish picture book (about opposites).

I had so much fun meeting your children this week! Until next time!


For Next Week (September 20)

I've put a lot of activity ideas in the lists below! I likely will not have so many every week, but this is the activities list for the next two weeks. You can do as many activities as you want or none at all: obviously, the more you practice the more Spanish you learn!

Most importantly, watch episode 101 before the next class.

Watch the Salsa video on or watch it via the YouTube video above.

Parents, you can also see the Instruction Homepage for more guidance. Here is a list of what I've introduce in class. (Many are not listed in the lesson materials, but I do use them in my video below.) I don't expect kids to learn all of these: this is just for your reference if you are interested.

Greetings & Farewell

  • hola -- hello
  • buenas días -- good day, good morning
  • Como te llamas? -- What is your name?
  • Yo me llamo ____. -- My name is _____.
  • adiós -- good-bye
  • hasta luego -- see you later; until next time


  • casa -- house
  • avena -- oatmeal
  • sopa -- soup
  • silla -- chair
  • cama -- bed
  • cuento -- story


  • uno -- one
  • dos -- two
  • tres -- three


  • Papá Oso -- Father Bear
  • Mamá Oso -- Mother Bear
  • Bebé Oso -- Baby Bear
  • Ricitos de Oro -- Goldilocks
  • Perro -- dog


  • grande -- large
  • pequeño -- small
  • caliente -- hot
  • frío -- cold
  • duro -- hard
  • blando -- soft


  • cocina -- kitchen
  • sala -- living room
  • dormitorio -- bedroom

Goldilocks Puppets

download now

Use these stick puppets to retell the goldilocks story, using the Spanish vocabulary that you have learned.

Review the Goldilocks story in this video with puppets!

First, print out the puppets. You can either color them or print the color version. Then, tape them to craft sticks, pencils, or straws. When you listen to the story, hold the puppets up when you hear the character mentioned. 

Review grande y pequeño by listening to this Boom Cards Spanish story!

Here is the fast link to play: (This link expires September 28!)

PARENTS: If you'd like to login to a classroom everytime and do the "assigned" decks, follow the directions to set up a login for your child. 

  1. Visit
  2. Enter Username: Reid-SALSA
  3. Enter Password (case senstive): Grow23-24
  4. Then you can click on "New Student" to add a login for your child.

I will add new decks to the classroom occasionally (not every week).

Hola, Hola, Hasta Luego!

Inspired by Duck, Duck, Goose, this game lets little ones get energy out while practicing their Spanish words. Instead of saying "Duck" and "Goose," children replace with the words "hola" and "hasta luego." 

Don't know know to play Duck, Duck, Goose? Watch this video for instructions.

Kids need to practice hearing words many times before they may feel comfortable saying it themselves! Just keep saying the words as you play, and eventually they will join in.

Grande y Pequeño Search

Search for large and small toys in the toybox. Sort the toys into piles of large toys and small toys. Even best would be to compare two of the same type of toy: two elephants, one large/one small; two trucks, one large/one small. Practice saying the words "grande" and "pequeño" as you play.

Practice Counting to Three

Find occasions to practice counting to three: uno, dos, tres. See an example in this fun video at the playground!

For Older Kids

Review the vocabulary above. Write down any words you don't know in your Spanish dictionary so you can remember them for next time.

Find things that are opposites using the vocabulary, practice saying hola and hasta luego, and use the words for bowl, chair, and bed as you go about your day. If you want, retell the Goldilocks story (in English and using the Spanish words when you remember them) with your puppets (printable above). Your family will be impressed with the words you know!

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