Celebrating Counting with Free Count to 100 Printable Crowns

Counting to 100 is an important concept to grasp. It’s one thing to count your fingers and toes, but it’s another to understand that the numbers keep going up. Once a student learns to count to 100, it’s time to celebrate! These count to 100 printable crowns will be something for kids to enjoy showing off their newly discovered math skills.Celebrate the new abillity to count to 100 with these Count to 100 crowns! Four styles, two with 100 mazes to finish, and all with 100 stars.

Learning to Count to 100

My daughter is about half-way through kindergarten. I don’t know when she realized that she knows how to count, but it was recently.

“Mom!” she exclaimed as she caught my attention one day recently. “Numbers just go up and up! They never stop!”

We’ve explored the concept of 100 before, such as when we played with 100 paperclips and made a 100 train. And we have been practicing recognizing high numbers by practicing with hundreds charts. But this was the time when she realized she knew how to count. And once she got to 100, she knew it went up even farther!

What delight to see her eyes grow wide as she counted on: 101, 102, 103 . . .

Getting to this point was a matter of time to understand the concept. She also practiced with numbers up to 100 many times before she recognized her abilities to count.

Celebrating Counting to 100 Printable Freebie

To celebrate her accomplishment of counting to 100, we decided to make her a princess crown. I put 100 stars on it. As she was counting the stars, she sighed, “do I have to count them all right now?”

I assured her she could just color them on her crown. Her’s is bright pink, and I put a maze of 100 on it. I also made a more rounded crown (instead of the rounded points she wanted), and I made a version without the maze.

Would you like the celebrate counting to 100 printable crown templates? Click the image below to get a count to 100 printable crowns template. Once you enter your email address, you can get instant access to the count to 100 printable crown template. (Four versions provided.)

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Practice counting to 100 with free count to 100 printable crown templates. Each has 100 stars to practice counting!


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