Almost Spring + Coral Freebie

Almost SpringIt may officially be spring, but after the winter we’ve had, it’s been hard to image it was nearly here. This week, though, the weather warmed a bit this week! As a warm thank you to Spring for nearly arriving in Chicago-land, I’ve also created a small freebie for you, my readers!

The over 40 degree (F) temperatures meant that we got out our spring coats, found the bikes and push toys in the garage, and enjoyed some sunshine (albeit with our gloves and hats still, as we kicked remaining piles of snow in hopes that they would melt quickly.)

Raisin says that even though he loves snow and winter, he is ready for it be spring because he has some big ideas.

As for me, I feel the spring cleaning fever beginning, which is good since I was lazy and blah all winter. I washed down the garage with a hose and a broom to get the remnants of four months of steady snow debris out. I started going through the rooms and doing clutter control, getting piles of “stuff” ready for the spring collection our community offers for free in April. I am getting the kids to clean up their toys so we can vacuum more frequently and reach the dusty corners that need tidying.

There is just something about spring that makes me want to get out of my bunker. It feels so good!

I have been rather lax in schooling for the past weeks. This week was not much more intense, but I rather feel we have finally found our rhythm. I like a more casual approach to school, and honestly, the 1 hour or the 1 1/2 hours we spend are more efficient when I know we only will be working for that long.

This week, I made a point of getting out to the front or back yard to play in the morning, before Strawberry’s nap and our lunch. It has given a new energy to the afternoon.

Raisin’s meltdowns have not diminished much, but this week I feel better able to cope with them. I realize better now that, even if it not just a brief stage of life, helping him to cope and understand intense emotions is part of my role as mother. I sincerely hope I can learn to react better than I have in the past, for if I respond poorly to his meltdowns, it’s almost as if I too have not learned. I’m too old for that.

And isn’t learning what life is all about?

Speaking of learning, I have been learning about the coral reef in depth the past few weeks as I prepare a product. It is one I started when Raisin was four years old. (At that time we made a game with the animals from Fining Nemo.) I’ve expanded it significantly to be more of an upper elementary product, complete with an ebook and reading comprehension questions, two guided writing prompts, and more. It’s time to revisit it with Raisin. (I love coral reefs! They are so fascinating.)

In relation to that, I found a great cross-section of a coral that is in the public domain. I’ve created a reading comprehension page (I differentiated it at three different reading levels) and blank chart to label to give to you as a FREEBIE. I hope this gets you excited to learn more about the coral reef, as I’m pretty excited about my packet!


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