clouds tracking freebie

During our road trip last week, I gave Raisin a cloud identification viewer to try to determine what clouds we saw outside. It was fun to use it, with the hole cut out of the middle, to locate and recognize various clouds. The trip out was rainy; the trip back was mostly clear skies.

This has prompted me to work on a series of clouds games and lesson ideas. Raisin and I are watching the spring sky this week to see what we see.


Below is the chart we’re using to keep track of what we see. You can download it for free when you become a Line upon Line Learning VIP.

Somehow, we chose the most uninteresting week for clouds in Chicagoland, a place where it usually is plenty cloudy! This week, it seems there is little-to-no cloud cover. Ah well! It’s making us more aware of the sky, and that’s a good thing for Spring! Let’s welcome fair weather whenever we can get it!cause we loved learning about clouds so much, I developed a more complete product.

I made information posters about 10 different kinds of clouds (an option with clip art, and another with full-color photographs). Then, I made charts for the water cycle and clouds. I made BINGO cards for cloud recognition practice. There are also some task cards to practice the water cycle concepts learned in the other activities. I think the whole bundle is a lot of fun!

See a bundle of cloud activities at My Shop  and Teachers Pay Teachers.

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