Book Suggestions Requested for K-5 Co-op Class

Yes, the year just ended. But I really am starting to plan for next year. I’m hoping someone can give me some ideas for my chapter books “spine” for my co-op class next year.

Here is the gist: I’m wanting to offer a general language arts class about “Language, Literature, and Writing Response.” It will be part book club, and part learning about elements of literature, writing about literature, and using language to communicate to each other in various ways (speech/discussions, writing, persuasion, etc.).

I want to focus learning, discussion, and writing around 5 chapter books, including NONFICTION and POETRY in some format. Any “required reading” chapter book should be readily available at libraries with an audiobook option available if possible.

So far, I’ve strongly considered these books:

  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle

They have strength of character, writing, interest, word choice, message, and so forth.

  • What books would you add to the list?
  • Would take any of those off the list?
  • If your child was in such a once-a-week co-op, what would you like them to read and respond to?

I also wrote about this over on Google+. Would you care to join the conversation there or here? Thanks in advance. I really hope for some great ideas to explore this summer.

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