How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World Activities

We learned about where food comes from as we read How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World.As I mentioned before, we’re following Jamie from Simple Homeschool in her #GiveYourChildTheWorld book club this summer. How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman was one of the first picture books we picked up for this book club.  We’ve had a lot of fun doing some activities to go along with the book. 

First we followed the idea from Life with Moore Babies to draw the continents on the driveway with chalk. Our was not the most accurate of maps, but it did not matter! It was chalk on a driveway, and it meant we were taking our learning outside.

Together, we read the book again, this time acting it out as we traveled to the different places that the narrator told us to travel to. We pretended we were harvesting the wheat in Italy and finding the bark for the cinnamon when we got to Sri Lanka, for example.

After we drew the continents on the driveway in chalk, we drew lines from one destination to the next and then acted out the page from the book, such as cutting wheat in Italy!

Our map ended up in a big circle around our driveway, since we ended up where we started, of course!

Then we found the ingredients in our home, but I gave the kids a twist: we had to make our own butter! Strawberry and Raisin loved helping out in the butter churning. And they found the end result to be absolutely delicious.

After we learned where various ingredients for our "Apple Pie" came from, we gathered the ingredients, even "churning" our own butter like the book directed us to!

Both kids were surprised that the cinnamon was such a hard stick. We found the page in the book again that showed and explained that cinnamon was from tree bark. We all loved the smell of the sticks, and we had to grind some of it to get the spice.

We were going to make the pie. However, the time got away from us and it simply has not happened before the post day. No matter, the map of the world is still on our driveway (until it rains). Each time we go outside, the arrows show us where we traveled around the world to gather the ingredients.

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  • This is STILL a favorite book around here! I read it every time I can find an “excuse”. My kids are 10 and 11 now, but oh, the memories with this book!

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