Traveling Around the World with Living Books

Because my daughter and I have been working our way through Beautiful Feet Books Around the World Part 1 (Asia, Australia, and Africa) as I mentioned a year ago, we were delighted to continue our literature-rich world travels with Around the World with Picture Books Part 2, which includes Europe and South America. Learning about world cultures with picture books is a gentle way to approach a broad subject with an early elementary student.

Around the World with Picture Books is a gentle way to introduce world cultures and world geography to early elementary aged kids.

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Why I Love Literature-Based Curriculum

My first grader is still resistant to worksheet-based curriculum, just as she was last year. Continuing on with the Beautiful Feet Books series of great books and enjoyable hands-on activities has been a perfect way to grow together and learn about the world. There is something great about cuddling together after breakfast to do “school” by reading together on the couch and then attacking a painting or cooking project together.

Around the World with Picture Books is a gentle way to introduce world cultures and world geography to early elementary aged kids.

Rereading our collection of Around the World Part 2 books is certain to follow. Now that these lovely books are in our family library, she is certain to remember the small details we noticed about the various places around the world. Here’s a simple story to illustrate that: after we read the Scandinavian books (two of which are Wings for Per and Karl, Get Out of the Garden!), she saw a word on an address she misread as “Norway” and was really excited. It was not Norway, but since she had misread, she was very excited that my friends lived there since we’d just read about it. She will forever be making these connections now!

An Overview of Around the World with Picture Books

Beautiful Feet Books’ Around the World with Picture Books (Part 1 and Part 2) is firstly an amazing collection of living books. By living books, I mean books that make a subject matter seem real and alive.

For example, in the book Wings for Per, we get a first hand look at what life during World War II may have been like living in Scandinavia. Reading the gorgeously illustrated The Boy Who Held Back the Sea, my daughter got a glimpse of the art style of the masters but also a simple story of a boy coming of age . . . by taking responsibility and holding in the water at the dyke! My daughter loves learning about different cultures, so these stories have been so much fun for her.

When the books first arrived, she was so excited. She immediately started flipping through books and the manual. She stopped on the page about Dutch pancakes and declared: “Let’s start here!”

That’s another huge benefit to the Beautiful Feet Books products. Their full-color teacher’s guides included numerous activities and discussion points to accompany the living books. Without much effort (but yes, with whipped cream and strawberries), we put together a European treat. I may not be able to pronounce Pannekoek but we certainly enjoyed them!


Around the World with Picture Books is a gentle way to introduce world cultures and world geography to early elementary aged kids.Because Europe is such a historic location for western art, we also delighted in the Art Masterpieces to Color coloring book. The teacher’s guide includes lots of guidance on how to introduce and discuss art masterpieces, and my kids loved coloring themselves.

Even my three-year-old daughter appreciated the art lessons.

“What is her name?” she asked as we stared at the picture of the Girl with the Pearl Earring.

“I don’t know,” I responded, explaining that it was painted a long time ago.

“But what is her name?” my daughter repeated. She loved that picture, and loved painting it herself.

Part 2 of Around the World deals with Europe and South America. Here are the countries it covers in detail.

  • France
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Great Britain
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Brazil

My daughter wants to read more and more about the countries we’ve studied and the others in Europe and now in South America (especially since we’ve been learning Spanish). The books included and additional books recommended by the Around the World study guide are a great start.

Where to Buy Around the World with Picture Books Part 2

The Around the World with Picture Books sets are great for gentle social studies, art, and geography studies for kindergarten through third grade children. Get Around the World Part 2 directly from Beautiful Feet Books. (Are you also looking for Part 1?)

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