antarcticaLast year, my son and I went through the continents one at a time. We started with Antarctica lessons. Here are some of the resources we enjoyed.

I also created a basic Reading Comprehension worksheet for him. Although he was only four at the time, the reading level was just about right for him. (It’s hard to find simple yet appropriate things for an early reader!) Feel free to use the worksheet and this list of resources in your own classes!

I only ask one thing: if the worksheet is helpful to you, let me know in a comment on this post!

Books and Media

  • North Pole, South Pole by Nancy Smiler Levinson (Holiday House, 2002)
  • Here is Antarctica by Madeleine Dunphy (Web of Life 2008)
  • Frozen Secrets: Antarctica Revealed by Sally M. Walker (Carolrhoda Books, 2010) This is written for young adults, but my son and I enjoyed looking at the pictures together.
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Robert and Florence Atwood.
  • The March of the Penguins video

Internet Links and Worksheets

Read a short paragraph about Antarctica and answer some questions about the continent. Click on the image to download this freebie.


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