ABCs Busy Box Ideas

Strawberry loves the LeapFrog videos that teach the letters. She is quite adept at recognizing letters (especially uppercase letters) as we go about our daily life, and often recalls the LeapFrog word most frequently associated with it. Thus, the “C” is “Cold” and the “H” is Hot. I decided to send a few letter activities in her busy box this week. She’ll loved the ABCs Busy Box! Here’s what I had for her.

abc workbox

Letter Tiles for the ABCs Busy Box

Letter Tiles pages. I noticed how much my daughter loved playing with the Scrabble letter tiles when we were playing a family game. I found some inexpensive letter tiles on Amazon that match the same style. So here is a perfect letter page for her to practice her alphabet. I also made pages with her name and her brother’s name!

LeapFrog and More

Leap Frog Letter Magnets and Magnet “Puzzle” Player. My daughter loves these magnets! When you put a letter in the player, LeapFrog sings the songs. And the magnet board lets her keep track of all of the letters.

ABC stamps. I got some ABC stamps from a garage sale. My little one loves to stamp letters on the page!

ABC Books. I put in a few favorites!

ABC Clothes Line

ABC Clothes Line. I’ve kept this activity away for the past few weeks, so I think this will be a fun reminder game for her this week.

Writing Doodle Board (not pictured). Strawberry loves to write and draw! This board gives her a fun writing space.

Stock Up an ABCs Busy Box

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